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Modern income property acquisition and ownership often involves large corporations or several parties, making commercial property transactions more difficult than prior years. Legacy International's diverse team offers expertise in development, financial auditing and sales/acquisitions. The team's unique backgrounds and experience allow for a complete understanding & perspective of how individual properties perform in current market conditions and the potential to perform in future markets..

Senior Manager

Pierre is a native to Las Vegas and a graduate from U.N.L.V. Since graduating college he has spent 20 years in the commercial real estate industry. Becoming a well known and respected broker amongst the gaming community.

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Principal Partner


Matthew possesses an MBA from Arizona State University and over 15 of experience in the Real Estate industry, with a focus in Capital Markets and Investment transactions spanning the spectrum of Real Estate sectors.

Principal Partner

James spent two decades in development and acquisitions throughout the southwestern region of the United States prior to joining the Legacy International Commercial Real Estate Team.

"They brought solutions to a situation that seemed lost. We are forever grateful for their dedication and perseverance."

David Lowden

"An unparalleled level of professionalism and sophistication. That has produced great results for my portfolio." .

David Ramsay

"Working together with Legacy International has given us peace of mind that we are headed toward success." 

Joseph Cellura

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